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Davante Adams Trade Stirs the Pot

Superstar WR Davante Adams has agreed to a groundbreaking trade deal with the Las Vegas Raiders this week. The trade will include two draft picks in the 2022 NFL Draft, one being a first-round pick, and the next being a second-round pick. Adams has signed a five-year, $141M contract with the Raiders, where he will be an addition to Hunter Renfrow, Darren Waller, Bryan Edwards, Mack Hollins, and others on the receiving crew. DeSean Jackson has entered free agency and hasn’t shown signs of a return to the Raiders. This move has repercussions for the Green Bay Packers, as Adams was Aaron Rodgers’ most targeted receiver. Rodgers recently agreed to a deal to continue playing with the Packers, which makes this move from Adams even more surprising. Rodgers and Adams had a bond that was visible to everyone, game after game. Adams was franchise tagged by the Packers for 2022, and it’s likely his decision was made based on the actions from Packers executives.

It’s been reported that Green Bay offered more money to Adams than Las Vegas did. Whether this is true or not has yet to be confirmed, but if this is true, something must’ve happened between Davante Adams and the Packers that went unreported. Davante Adams has proved himself to be a threat in the NFL, putting up strong numbers in various stat categories. Adams averaged over 9 TDs per season since his rookie year in 2014, along with 669 receptions, over 8,000 passing yards, and an average of 11+ yards per catch. It has even been argued that Davante Adams is the best receiver in the NFL today, and his stats show for it. As far as the Packers are concerned, they need to rebuild their WR depth chart before they can call themselves a true air threat again. Adam Lazard is now the number one receiver for Aaron Rodgers trailed only by the veteran himself, Randall Cobb. It can also be expected that the Green Bay Packers will utilize the draft picks they received in the Adams trade to build their WR depth.


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