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1. Waters & Mieske -10*

2. Hartley & Leece -9*

3T. Donley & Newman -8*

3T. Haller & Walker -8*

4. DeVantier Bros. -7

5. Dom & Mickey -6

6. Licavoli & Groom -4

7. Team Jager -2

8. Team Wiseman E

9T. Binkowski & Sobo +2

9T. Colwell & Taylor +2

9T. Weir & Brooks +2

10T. MacWebb & Vince +4

10T. Chappell & Twite +4

The GSN Challenge, previously known as The Corona Challenge is an event aimed at competition, charity, and greatness - on and off the course. The GSN Challenge is a two-man scramble golf event where teams of two compete against the field for 18 holes with hopes of draping the Gold and Cadet blazers on their backs at the end.

This year's tournament aims to benefit the Thomas Smith Memorial Foundation, a non-profit organization that raises funds for early detection and treatment for underlying heart and cardiac conditions amongst teens and young people. The foundation was started by Mary and Jonathan Smith, after their son Tommy tragically passed away from an undetected heart condition. Tom's parents wanted to make it a priority that no family had to endure this type of pain due to an undetected heart problem. A donation from the proceeds of The GSN Challenge will be presented to the foundation following the event.

Important Information

Location: Briar Ridge GC, Montrose, MI
Date: June 18th, 2022
Registration: 8:00 AM
Group Photo: 9:15 AM
Tee Time: 9:30 AM Shotgun

Price: $95 per player or $190 per team
Format: Two-Man Scramble, stroke play
Registration Link:

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