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Is Big Ben (really) done?

The Pittsburgh Steelers veteran QB had an emotional (final) game at Heinz Field on Monday in the Steelers 26-14 win against the Cleveland Browns, but is he really retiring? A video released by former teammate Antonio Brown suggests otherwise.

Brown said in a quote:

"I know you’re sad about Ben Roethlisberger retiring but it’s not over for Ben yet," Brown said in the video, which appeared on Twitter. "I know everyone’s wondering ‘Is it his last game in Pittsburgh tonight and would it end like this?’ But it may not end like this."

An interesting take if nothing more from AB, but it's important to take everything Antonio Brown says with a grain of salt. This past Sunday AB stormed off the field in dramatic fashion after defying Buccaneers' coach Bruce Arians' wishes to take the field. It's fair to believe Antonio Brown isn't in the healthiest state as far as his mental health is concerned. Big Ben has yet to comment on the video as much of these stories remain in the speculation phase. There's no doubt that Roethlisberger and Brown were close, but in seeing Big Ben's activity slowed as of late suggests his retirement is imminent.


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