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The MLB Lockout - What's Next?

MLB players are working together to form a $1 million fund to benefit workers affected by the recent games cancelled due to the ongoing MLB lockout. Spring training games were set out to begin on February 26th but failed to take place. MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred cancelled the first two series for each team during the regular season this past Tuesday. These regular season games were scheduled to begin at the end of March. “Many aren’t seen or heard, but they are vital to the entertainment experience of our games,” union executive board members Andrew Miller and Max Scherzer said in a statement. “Unfortunately, they will also be among those affected by the owner-imposed lockout and the cancellation of games. Through this fund, we want to let them know that they have our support.” Union head Tony Clark added saying, “This fund is intended to support workers who are most affected by the MLB imposed lockout but whose livelihoods have been disregarded by the owners in their efforts to pressure players into accepting an unfair deal.”

The stoppage of play from the MLB has caused a significant impact to thousands of people throughout the industry. The Major League Baseball Players Association (MLBPA) and the AFL-CIO will determine how funds are allocated to the affected parties. If a deal is made by the owners and the MLBPA within the next few weeks, the 2022 season could start as soon as April 7th. This is in a perfectly drawn up scenario, however. Optimists have their eyes on April 7th, but these processes are known to draw on for weeks, even months. The two sides will aim for the beginning of May if they wish to pursue the traditional “Opening Day” scheduled for Monday, May 2nd. In missing out on all the games through the month of April, most teams will expect to miss anywhere from 25-30 games. The fans and the people remain hopeful that a 2022 MLB season will take place, let’s just hope it’s sooner rather than later for everyone’s sake.


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